how to rename the files in my folder with directory name + padded incrementing number?

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#1 : 08/05-17 13:22
Jay Viper
Jay Viper
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so I have a folder full of images. They have different filenames.


folder name: 2017-summer-vacation

files inside:
and many more

I want to rename the files as

and so on

I can use "new name" + "<DirName:1><Inc NrDir:1>" tag but I have no idea on how to add the padding.

Can you please help? Thanks

08/05-17 13:22
#2 : 10/05-17 03:50
D. Ach
D. Ach
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Reply to #1:

Just add the zeros to the left of the 1, like so
"<Inc NrDir:0001>"

10/05-17 03:50 - edited 10/05-17 04:08