Unmarked files in red when creating a replace job

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#1 : 26/08-11 10:19
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Say I a reasonably long list of files.

I unmark all and select just one to try if a rename would work.

Once I am entering the parameters, all files (also unmarked ones) show up in red because they donot match what I am entering.

However, what I am entering specificially applies for that file, as that one is the only one marked/tagged.

So all other files respond as if they were marked.

Is this a correct behaviour?


26/08-11 10:19
#2 : 29/08-11 21:42
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I am not sure I fully understand the problem. Could you provide a screenshot of the state of the program when the problem occurs?

29/08-11 21:42