Revising photo exif data based on filename

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#1 : 22/05-17 20:41
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I have a ton of photos that were transferred from one device to another, and when that happened the "date created" date for all the files was revised to the date of the transfer. Very annoying!

Fortunately, the timestamp in the filenames are all still valid, for example 20160111 would be January 1, 2016.

Is there a way to read the file name and revise the file creation date based on the filename? It was suggested on another forum that this could be done with Advanced Renamer, and that it was very easy to do. But I can't figure it out. Can anyone help?

If anyone is interested, this is where I saw AR recommended for this job: orum-post-59596409

Thank you for any help!

22/05-17 20:41
#2 : 23/05-17 20:20
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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If you wan to set the date created based on a value within the filename, you can use the pattern option in the timestamp method: d_timestamp
I think you should set the pattern like this:
and check the "Apply to" "Created date and time" checkbox.

I hope this works for you.

23/05-17 20:20
#3 : 15/07-17 21:15
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I'm trying to do something similar. I managed to use the script function to rename photos from "Photo Jul 02, 2 56 01 PM.jpg" to "2017-07-02 14.56.01.jpg". Now I'd like to set the timestamps to be correct, they are currently all set to the day they were copied to my computer.

I added a timestamp method and used the filename pattern "<Year>-<Month>-<Day>" as in the example, but it says pattern not found. Same for what I really need of "<Year>-<Month>-<Day> <Hour>.<Min>.<Sec>". Any advice?

15/07-17 21:15