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#1 : 28/05-17 21:26
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I am curious if Advanced Renamer can help with a specific MP3 renaming issue I have.
It must be some part of my personality, but I dislike files which begin with "The". I'd like instead to move "The" to the the end after a comma i.e. ", The".

An example:
I have this: The Heavy Eyes - One Hand On The Buffalo - (Live).mp3
I want this: Heavy Eyes, The - One Hand On The Buffalo - (Live).mp3

Of course, the artist name is not always the same length, or number of segments. So the following are also possible:
The Raveonettes - Suicide
The Golden Filter - Solid Gold
The Whitest Boy Alive - Island

Given that some artists, and titles may contain additional instances of "The", I assume I'd need some rule like this:
1. Truncate the first four letters of each file.
2. Append ", The "before the first "-" in each file

Once the files are renamed, I can easily regenerate the tags (using TagScanner)
If for some reason it is easier for Advanced Renamer to rename tags, then I'd be happy to have the tags edited first, and then I can easily rename the files.

I tried searching the forum prior to posting, but searching for "the" and ", The" is not productive.
I'm not sure why I can't stand "The" at the beginning. I'm content to find Sarah Mclachlan under "S" (instead of "M"), but looking for The Beatles under "T" instead of "B" is too much!

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#2 : 28/05-17 22:29
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I don't think it is ideal, but I'm making some progress.

If I use the "Remove Pattern" option, I can remove "The". The bad part, is it will remove all instances from anywhere in the filename. I think I'd be better off with a "remove the first n character(s) option)

Then I can use a "Replace" command to replace "-" with ", The - ". Again this works most times, but I have to watch each file name to make sure it does not have additional dashes in it.

Please let me know if there are some more advanced methods to have it work perfectly.

28/05-17 22:29
#3 : 29/05-17 20:05
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Method: Replace
Text to be replaced: ^The (.+?)\s-\s(.+)
Replace with: \1, The - \2
Use regular expression: checked

see if that works


29/05-17 20:05