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#1 : 20/06-17 20:39
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Been using app for few years now for managing all of my family photos, love it, and have donated!

One thing I have noticed, just a small niggle... I rename files based on image tags yyyy-mm-dd hhmmss and in the event of a file that didn't contain any such info, it renames to -.jpg. Any others then flag up as error, but not the original, and I have actually ended up renaming files to -.jpg. So could this also not be flagged up as error due to missing tag data?

Also, if a folder contains say 3k files, these errors can be spread throughout the listing and it would be very handy to be able to sort via column, grouping them together. I don't think any of the columns are capable of sorting. Otherwise u do have to scroll through the list looking for odd outcomes, which can be time consuming.

Keep up the fantastic work, this app has saved me days, if not weeks of my life!!! Thank you!

20/06-17 20:39