Renaming files in folder tree, using lookup.

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#1 : 22/06-17 17:28
Pradeep Datta
Pradeep Datta
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Hi everyone,

I have 12000 PDF files in a folder structure and a lookup csv file to rename them, keeping the structure of the folders.

So, the script needs to go through all the folders, check each file name, replace the name of the file, keeping it at the same place, and then move on to the next file.

Any idea, if the Advance Renamer would be able to help me with that?.


22/06-17 17:28
#2 : 22/06-17 21:56
G. Lambany
G. Lambany
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Reply to #1:
Well, can't you do that with simply importing files using a directory,

then use the import csv, to import renaming pairs

then you're done?

Think I would need more details, if this isn't what you're looking for


22/06-17 21:56
#3 : 22/07-17 18:45
C. Lancaster
C. Lancaster
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Reply to #2:
I'm having the same problem- using import csv with the matching text files leads to a "cannot find source" error when subfolders are involved.

22/07-17 18:45