Illegal Character Translation

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#1 : 05/07-17 13:32
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The current implementation uses a many to one mapping when altering illegal characters found in meta data before the data becomes available in the program. I'm working on a renaming script that would benefit from either making the raw exiftool data string available or by making a separate replacement character/string available for each illegal character.

Currently, by default, *\|:"<>/? are all mapped to _
For example, I would like to map
: to ' -' (colon to a space followed by a dash)
" to ' (double quote to single quote)
<> to [] (when used as a delimiter pair)
and so on.

Would it be possible to either
1. extend the settings to allow mapping on a per character basis
2. expose the original string with a different app.parseTags method


05/07-17 13:32