Can anyone help me work this out?

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#1 : 08/07-17 16:20
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Hi everyone,
Could anyone help me work this out please, I just can't seem to figure it out?

The file names are like this

The Embers - I tried to help you (1966)-gGeL8xdBGMc

The Jewels - It's Easy (1964)-wJVv0WLfQxI

I would like to delete everything after the dates in brackets so it looks like this below

The Embers - I tried to help you (1966)
The Jewels - It's Easy (1964)

kind regards paulaJ

08/07-17 16:20
#2 : 08/07-17 18:36
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If the filenames don't ever contain an extra )- sequence

Choose replace method
Select use regular expressions checkbox
Type "\)-.*" into the regular expression text box (without the double quotes)
Backslash, Right Parentheses, Dash, Period, Star
Type ")" into the replace with text box (also without the double quotes)
Right Parentheses

Verify the name changes match what you want.
Press Start Batch

08/07-17 18:36
#3 : 08/07-17 18:39
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Thank you kindly Rick, that worked like a charm

08/07-17 18:39
#4 : 15/07-17 03:26
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If it's always the same number of characters at end including "-", in this case "12", you can use"

Add Method: REMOVE
Count: 12
Starting At: 1
Backwards: check

15/07-17 03:26