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#1 : 29/08-11 22:07
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Advanced Renamer can for some people be a bit difficult to learn. The focus is more on making the software powerful than making it easy to use. I would like to have some tutorials on the site for new users to use when they use the software for the first time or for more experienced users who want to use more advanced features.

I could write the tutorials myself but I would rather spend my time making new features and improving Advanced Renamer. I want to know if someone would help out by writing one or more tutorials that can be posted here on the site. As a developer of the software it can be difficult for me to get into the mind set of the new user. For me the whole program is very user friendly and self explaining. Other people than myself might do a better job writing such a tutorial.

So if you want to help your by writing a tutorial or supplying examples of common batch tasks, I would be very happy to receive them and post them here on this site.

29/08-11 22:07