NEF files refusing to rename by image date/time

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#1 : 18/07-17 00:48
Steve Aiken
Steve Aiken
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Is there a known problem where the Advanced Renamer will not rename NEF files by date. I've tried renaming by Timestamp method,
I've tried the New Name with <Year>-<Month>-Day>_<Hour>-<Minute>-<Second>
I've tried <ExifTool:CreateDate>_steve.<Ext>

All with no success, the file does not get renamed. I'm beginning to think there may be a problem retrieving the Date/Time information from the Nikon NEF files???

18/07-17 00:48
#2 : 20/07-17 11:52
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you could try downloading a newer exiftool from
and replace the one supplied by aren

20/07-17 11:52
#3 : 22/07-17 22:45
Steve Aiken
Steve Aiken
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Forgive me, but I'm new to this software.

I looked to try and see an exiftool program on my computer, but I don't see one, is it bundled with the Advanced Renamer software? Is the suggestion to download the exiftool separately?

I did download a different renamer utility and id did successfully change the file name to a date format based on the exif file information.

PS - this is the OP - I tried to reset the password on my original account but was not allowed by the forum.


22/07-17 22:45
#4 : 24/07-17 14:58
Steve Aiken
Steve Aiken
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Interestingly, I was able to rename my NEF files by EXIF date using another program called Bulk Rename Utility. I guess I will just use that software instead.


24/07-17 14:58