Donated in November, can I get a registration number?

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#1 : 18/07-17 07:19
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In November I donated $30 not knowing about the different 'levels' of donations being linked to licences. I just picked that amount as a 'thank you,' and to support the developer.

So I just upgraded to 3.77 and would like to get rid of the "NOT REGISTERED" in all caps.
Saw that donating can get me a license - and since I did already, I figured I can use that transaction#. But how?

Should I give my paypal confirmation #?

18/07-17 07:19
#2 : 18/07-17 12:48
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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I am pretty sure I already generated a license key for you. If possible can you send me your paypal confirmation? That will help me find the license key in the system.

18/07-17 12:48
#3 : 24/07-17 21:16
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Thank you, I've just emailed it to you. : )

24/07-17 21:16
#4 : 28/07-17 03:57
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Screenshot -

Well, as shown in the above screenshot, I couldn't register because Advanced Renamer needs to communicate online to do so.
It said, "Error communicating with the server".

So, what server does Advanced Renamer need to communicate with, and what information/personal data is given to that server?

By default, I do block programs from communicating online for privacy reasons... but this is a strictly offline program (i.e., it needs no outside resources to operate) - so why does it need to call home/(or elsewhere?) to register?

Please fix this so that donators can just plug in the serial without needing online interception.

28/07-17 03:57