How to remove the third number from the right?

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#1 : 01/09-11 15:10
Chris Leonard
Chris Leonard
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Hi - I'm rendering image sequences in a 3D app. It adds frame numbers to the images, ie, image.0001, image.0002, image.0003, etc.
Our programmer needs them with only 3 spaces passed the decimal, like image.001.
The 3d app doesnt let you change its naming conventions, is there a way to have renamer delete the 3rd character from the right?
Thank you for any suggestions!


01/09-11 15:10
#2 : 01/09-11 19:27
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Advanced Renamer can help you out. Below is an example for your. I assume your files have an extension, like image.0001.jpg.

1. Add the files. You can drag them onto the from from Windows Explorer.
2. Clear all methods in the pane the left.
3. Click Add Method and choose Remove.
4. Configure the method like this:
Remove Count: 1
Starting At: 4
Backwards: Checked
Use Regular Expressions: Unchecked
Apply To: Name
5. Verify the new names in the list and click Start Batch.

If your file names doesn't have extensions you will need to change the Apply To to Name and Extension.

I hope this works for you.

01/09-11 19:27
#3 : 01/09-11 20:31
Chris Leonard
Chris Leonard
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Reply to #2:
I'll try it, thank you!


01/09-11 20:31