Renaming using import csv- file directory problem

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#1 : 21/07-17 18:43
C. Lancaster
C. Lancaster
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I have about 165 subfolders containing around 7000 files to be renamed.

I have csv document that contains the old file names, old file names with directory, new file names, and new file names with directory.

I am getting the "Cannot find source file directory" error.

The only time I don't is when I specify the base folder as a specific subfolder and then I only can rename the files within that specific subfolder.

Is there a way to rename files within folders and subfolders based on a list in excel/csv?

21/07-17 18:43
#2 : 24/07-17 18:06
Test Center
Test Center
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I have exactly the same question.

I need to rename a bunch of files to a new filename. The new filename is inside a .csv file.

The to be renamed files have all different filenames but must kept the same extension.

Can someone give us a little bit help on how to do this?



24/07-17 18:06 - edited 24/07-17 18:14
#3 : 25/07-17 19:55
C. Lancaster
C. Lancaster
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Reply to #2:
@KimJensen, any help?

25/07-17 19:55