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#1 : 21/07-17 19:42
William H Carver
William H Carver
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I have files named, "2017.07.21 My File Name"

I want to rename to, "20170721 - My File Name"

Any help??

21/07-17 19:42
#2 : 21/07-17 20:48
C. Lancaster
C. Lancaster
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I think you could do it in two steps:

Using "Replace"
Text to be replaced: -
Replace with:

.... and leave the "Replace with" section empty. You can verify this under new file name. Run this edit.

second step
Using "Replace"
Text to be replaced: My File Name
Replace with: - My File Name


As long as all of your dates are the same length, you can use "Add" with - at the specific index (spot) of the file name

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#3 : 21/07-17 20:56
C. Lancaster
C. Lancaster
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Another Option is to make a list of the files in excel (pretty easy) and then use a tool to remove the "."

You can use text to columns to separate the different portions of the file name and then "concatenate" to stitch everything together in the way you want. Save as a csv and use the import in AR to rename. But there is probably an easier way someone else knows.

Edit: Don't use this option, it is much easier to use the "Add" for put the dash in where you want it

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#4 : 22/07-17 15:23
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The previous solution does not appear to deal with the change in date (dots).

You can try this (no quotes) -

REMOVE PATTERN (same idea with "Replace Method")
Pattern: "."
Replace with: empty

Add: " -"
At Index: "<Word:1>"

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