Nooby question removing numbers and special characters

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#1 : 23/07-17 22:34
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I have a TON of MP3s, and I want to fix filenames, by removing all the special characters, and numbers from a bunch of filenames as a start anyway. Can anybody take time out to help a noob, please? Other tips appreciated too. :)

23/07-17 22:34
#2 : 28/07-17 22:41
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You could probably use "List Replace" add method to map out the special characters and their

like umlaut (ä) could be mapped as:

text field/replace with
...and so on, for whatever you want (leave "replace with" blank, if you want to rid).

You can create a list of several characters to
replace whether they are in a given filename or not.
On the numbers, I guess you could just map those out as "0-9" (each number listed separately).

Can you provide a couple of examples with "numbers" so spacing can be accounted for?

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