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#1 : 24/07-17 15:38
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I have daily logs named for example "Name.log.2017-10-20". "2017-10-20" is the file extension.
If I try to use the function Timestamp -> Apply to all dates -> Filename pattern -> Pattern "<Year>-<Month>-<Day>", I receive the Error "Pattern not found".

I must rename all files and move extension to name, then update dates from Timestamp, and then rename the files to the original format.

Maybe I am doing something wrong?
But if not, can you please extend Filename pattern to extension, or add option "Extension pattern"?

Thank you very much


24/07-17 15:38
#2 : 26/07-17 03:16
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Reply to #1:

As far as getting the "add method" way to work, the way it currently is,
I think the issue is related to the dots and/or the extension.

In the meantime, here is a workaround.
5 Methods, 3 Parts, 4 Executions.

Ignore extension warning where fonts change to red/column warning.
And answer yes to warning pop-up. It should happen at least twice

Load all 5 following methods and settings, then
execute as follows, beginning with all methods unchecked

1st Part

REPLACE: "dots with underscores" > name and extension
ADD: ".txt" > empty
-Start Batch
uncheck both methods

2nd Part

TIMESTAMP: apply only 'create date' and "filename pattern".
-Start batch
[for some odd reason, if you apply all dates at once
it only changes the modified and accessed to filename pattern]
Now, do 2nd Part again, checking "modified" and "accessed" (no need to
uncheck "create")
-Start batch
Uncheck method

3rd Part

REPLACE: "underscores with dots"
REPLACE: "txt" > empty > extension
-Start Batch

there may be a similar, more condensed way of doing
the above "add method" approach, but this is the first thing I came
upon that worked. I didn't want to test anymore. ;)

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