please help :( the pattern is www.**something****.com

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#1 : 24/07-17 21:28
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can some one help me.. like give me a hint...
i dont want to waste too much of you time and energy
im not soo good at java coding... but i know a few stuff...

i just want the program to identify the pattern www.*anythinghere*.com
or things covered in brackets/paranthesis (deletehereinculdingparanthesis)
uhm.... i just want it to check/compare these strings "www" ".com" or "(" ")" and thats the que for it to replace the stings along with whatever is between them with a blank/nothing whitespace?
like the string "www" is the start and ".com" is end of it ha? :)

thank you so much... if you could atleast link me to a similar earlier post. that would be great too!
thanks again

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#2 : 26/07-17 16:11
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So, you want it to recognize that pattern in a "filename"?
Where, ".com" is the extension? Or, something else is the extension,
like ""

...and the result is

Can you "literally" write out a few filename examples of what you want, in before and after form?
[for "Add Method" approach]

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#3 : 27/07-17 15:43
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search regular expression: ^(www\.|\()(.+)(\.com|\))$
and replace with: \2

27/07-17 15:43