Name collision rule to add 1, 2 etc.

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#1 : 31/07-17 11:07
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I would like to rename my JPG pictures according to date and time taken, e.g.:

In case of name collision I would like to add a <SPACE> and an incrementing number, e.g.:
2017_05_12_16h08 1.JPG
2017_05_12_16h08 2.JPG
2017_05_12_16h08 3.JPG

I have tried the Advanced Renamer's Name collision rules that work fine, but only enable a three-digit incrementing number, e.g. 001, 002, 003, etc. that I don't like.

Thank you for your help.

31/07-17 11:07
#2 : 31/07-17 15:52
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Are you using <IncNr:1> as part of the "new name" along with collision rule "append incnr with

"<Year Created>_<Month Created>_<Day Created>_<Hour Created>h<Min Created> <IncNr:1>"

31/07-17 15:52 - edited 31/07-17 15:55
#3 : 03/08-17 09:31
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Reply to #2:
No, I am not. I am using this pattern:
"<Img Year>_<Img Month>_<Img Day>_<Img Hour>h<Img Min>"
since I don't want incrementing number to be appended to every image but only to images that would without it be renamed to the same name (name collision).

I would like it to work exactly as if the Name collision rule is set to "Append incrementing number" and the Separator is set to " " with this little difference that instead of 001, 002, 003 ... only 1, 2, 3 ... would be added.

Cases in which there are more than 9 images in the same minute are rare. I could easily rename them manually.

Thank you for your help.

03/08-17 09:31