Apple Live Photos (.jpg and related .mov)

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#1 : 08/08-17 19:08
Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor
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Apple Live Photos consist of 2 parts a jpg & a mov file
Only the jpg has extra information such as gps location stored.

Both parts of the LivePhoto have the same name, e.g. abc123.jpg and

What I want todo is rename the jpg based on gps data (I can do that)
Then find the .mov file which had the same name and apply the same rename to the filename part (not the file extension)

Is their anyway todo this or could this be added as a feature?



Just looked in change log, I see something relating to "Rename file pairs"
This might be what I need

08/08-17 19:08 - edited 08/08-17 19:12
#2 : 08/08-17 19:32
Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor
Posts: 2
Reply to #1:
File pairs is exactly what I needed, just could not find settings to enable it
Think its with the "Program" menu not looking like a menu item

08/08-17 19:32