Window size of AR not remembered

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#1 : 24/08-17 10:07
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Hi. First post. I just installed latest & greatest AR 3.78. Not sure if this happened in 3.77, but seems the window size is not remembered on exit. In my case, a 2560 x 1080 21:9 screen the initial window is centered but the top right min/max button shows maximized. Can be seen
I have to click the min/max 2 times to make full screen - each and every time I start AR.
No other immediate observations.

24/08-17 10:07
#2 : 24/08-17 22:48
Andi Ramsay
Andi Ramsay
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Reply to #1:
I've experienced the exact same issue. Upon launching the program it appears in a window of the correct height/wdth ratio, but approximately a quarter of the monitor size, and centered.
The program seems to think it is maximised, so you must first restore it which results in no change and then maximise it which sets it to the correct size.
There are no attributes or switches applied to the startup command line in the program properties.
I'm on Windows 10, with a pair of 1920x1080 monitors.

24/08-17 22:48