Position of Start-batch-button too far to the right ?

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#1 : 24/08-17 12:51
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I have just installed AR 3.78 - it's great ! but...
for my terms the "Start batch" - button is positioned much too far to the right,
If I meet (on the left side) the necessary selections in the method list, the button is too far away to start the renaming - in my opinion the best position would be in the middle of the window or at the left below or right of "Undo Previous Batch".


24/08-17 12:51 - edited 24/08-17 13:01
#2 : 30/08-17 08:36
Andi Ramsay
Andi Ramsay
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Reply to #1:
Yes! I am so used to where it was positioned in previous versions and it had no need to be moved. Now it just damages the UX, because the developer felt the need to play around with the UI.
Please put it back where it was.

30/08-17 08:36
#3 : 30/08-17 20:41
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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It is difficult to satisfy everyone. Years ago it was positioned to the right. Then some circumstances made it necessary to move the button. Then people complained. Now I had the opportunity to move it to the right again, and of course some like it somewhere else. I didn't move it just to mix it up, I have got requests for moving the button and making it more noticeable.

I understand that the mouse usually moves around in the left part of the window. If you run the program maximized on a high resolution monitor, I understand why you feel it is too far to the right.

If you don't like where the button is on the screen, you can always use the F9 key on your keyboard.

30/08-17 20:41