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#1 : 31/08-17 09:42
Rick Applegate
Rick Applegate
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I'm using your product primarily to help me with indexing photos, videos and recordings. This from 4 keen photographers in the family each with at least a couple of current devices. Despite the effort you have gone to to make tags like img width as generic as possible and because I am diving into EXIF info, which of course is always named specifically with the tags one needs I find that I have already got about 20 patterns, some of which work for most cameras and some are specific.

Because I have created them I can just about remember which is which (sometimes) but others in the family who use the PC can't.

Is it possible to find a way of naming them? A quick and dirty option might be a dummy tag that you could put at the front of the list like <pat any old string> e.g.

<pat general photo><ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal> <ExifTool:Model> <Img Width> x <Img Height> <Name>.<Ext>
<pat Pan G3 video><ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal> DMC-G3 <Video Width> x <Video Height> <Name>.<Ext>

I've had a look through help and can't see anything obvious.

I think this is what was being asked for in um_id=628 but I'm not sure. If so , add one to the count for this please.

31/08-17 09:42
#2 : 31/08-17 16:39
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You can rename methods by right-click on method description bar "Add -", "Replace -", etc.
And of course, you can save/name the "Aren" files whatever you want..

Or, are you talking about the ability to rename the "hardcoded" method name itself?

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#3 : 31/08-17 17:43
Rick Applegate
Rick Applegate
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Not sure why I'd rename the methods as you indicate as that doesn't change anything related to the patterns.

I'm always using the GUI, selecting the files I want to process (drag and drop) and always the New Name function and then simply selecting a pattern for New Name in the patterns dialogue (accessed by clicking the button "...") to change the rename operation as appropriate. As far as I can tell you can't name these patterns.

I'm not after any more functions at this point so I don't need to create scripts or other types of macro. - Files won't necessarily be in set directories, nor do I want to process all files in a directory so I want to keep it a simple manual drag and drop selection for which I assume the GUI is the best option.

The pattern is all I need to change. I just have a large enough number of them and a small number of users using the rename program to make it awkward to identify the correct pattern to use.

Is that a clearer explanation of what I need to name and why?

Is this possible or is there another way to achieve this?

31/08-17 17:43
#4 : 01/09-17 01:59
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Reply to #3:

The link you provided above (that you aren't sure about) is for simply renaming the method title.

I'm not certain I understand you. Although, I think I have a general idea.
You want to rename the pattern so others can easily do it and not have to
think about what to do. The dummy tag idea, in and of itself, wouldn't "acutally" rename
it either, although it would be used in place of not being able to directly rename it, right?

Although maybe not as fast and smooth as the dummy tag procedure,
I would think though you could still use the 'method's title bar field' as a faux dummy tag.

1. Create the pattern however you want it (you could copy them to a text file).
2. copy and paste the pattern to the 'method's title bar field'.
3. show others only how to copy and paste that to the field of excecution.

As an alternative, you could just use the text list and not bother with the title bar (I'm not sure
if it has a character limitation).

Anyway, it is just a workaround and sorry if I don't understand. But either way, what you are
asking doesn't "sound" like anything that will happen for quite some time, if at all

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