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#1 : 06/09-17 22:53
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Version 3.79
new log: +Files are no longer sorted alphabetically when dragged from Windows Explorer.
WHY ???? What a pity !

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#2 : 07/09-17 08:41
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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The idea is to keep the sorting of Windows Explorer. In Explorer you can sort on more columns than Advanced Renamer will allow to sort on.

07/09-17 08:41
#3 : 13/09-17 18:41
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Ok, I understand. Is not a bad idea.
Can we have in the settings, some option that allows to enable or disable this function?

13/09-17 18:41
#4 : 14/09-17 08:46
Danny G
Danny G
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Adding that I too would like the option in Settings to switch this behaviour back to previous as well.

In the latest version 3.79, when I drag and drop, the filename order is not necessarily alphabetical. It sometimes works and other times not. It seems to be how you add/highlight the files in Explorer, but it won't consistently be alphabetical by name within Advanced Renamer.

I have actually downgraded to the previous version 3.78 to get this functionality back for renaming files for the way I use your program.

14/09-17 08:46