Checksum tags not working, error 116 and Access Violation in module 'js32.dll'

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#1 : 11/09-17 17:26
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I have Advanced Renamer 3.79 and I am trying to use the checksum tags to rename some files to their checksum values. I have selected "Rename" as the batch mode, added a "New Name" method, selected "Name" as the "Apply to" value, and entered "<SHA256>" as the New Name. When I add a video and enable "Auto Test" then I see that the "New Filename" column says "<sha256>.MP4" and the "Error" column says "Invalid tag". If I hit "Start Batch" then the popup says "(116) Invalid Tag" in the error column. I can't seem to find any documentation on error 116. The error codes listed on the site stop at 114 ( hp).

I tried an alternative route and still received an error. Instead of adding a "New Name" method, I added a Script, and in the body of the script I put "return item.sha256;". This resulted in an error dialog box popping up saying:
"Access violation at address 5CCBF7B5 in module 'js32.dll'. Read of address 0356F03C.

Is there something I am doing wrong?

I am running Windows 10 PRO 64-bit.

Thanks for any help you can provide and I really appreciate your product.

11/09-17 17:26