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#1 : 13/09-17 23:56
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Hi, in this new release the "start batch" button is shifted way right, just above "refresh" one.

This makes easy to incidentally click the wrong one.
There is a lot of free space in the middle section , hence moving this button left would be IMHO much more user friendly.



ps. oops just noticed the answer a few posts below. Although from designing point of view this is a wrong place, i do respect the author's decision

13/09-17 23:56 - edited 14/09-17 00:02
#2 : 14/09-17 08:16
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
The move of the start button was introduced in version 3.78. In version 3.79 I added the option to move it to the left instead. You can do so in the settings window.

14/09-17 08:16