Adding Space between Lowercase and Uppercase

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#1 : 14/09-17 17:42
Jagdev Singh
Jagdev Singh
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I have got some preset files:

BA CrushedBass
BA DarkRollBass
BA DeepPadSine
BA DrivenBrassBass

Final Result I want:

BA Crushed Bass
BA Dark Roll Bass
BA Deep Pad Sine
BA Driven Brass Bass

I've been trying the expressions and the result i'm getting adds space between BA also and between otherwords which already have space between them.

14/09-17 17:42
#2 : 15/09-17 05:28
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delete my post?

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#3 : 15/09-17 05:32
Danny G
Danny G
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Reply to #1:

1. Copy and paste the following into Notepad and save as RenameBA.aren
(Note: make sure it doesn't end in .txt, it must end in .aren)
2. Double-click on this new file and it will open as a preset in Advanced Renamer.
3. You can save to your presets folder if required for future work. Add your files from there.
4. If you have filenames that don't match your examples, you may also need to add a Replace: Text to be replaced: (two spaces) Replace with: (one space).

application=Advanced Renamer 3.78


method0000=methodname:"replace"; active:"1"; replace:"([A-Z])"; replacewith:" \1"; casesensitive:"1"; regularexpressions:"1"; applyto:"name"; occurrence:"0";
method0001=methodname:"replace"; active:"1"; replace:"B A "; replacewith:"BA"; casesensitive:"1"; regularexpressions:"1"; applyto:"name"; occurrence:"0";
method0002=methodname:"replace"; active:"1"; replace:" "; casesensitive:"0"; regularexpressions:"0"; applyto:"name"; occurrence:"1";

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