Disappointed with so-called "errors" that cannot be over ridden

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#1 : 24/09-17 21:26
Phil Tobin
Phil Tobin
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I'm currently sorting over 120 different images taken by three different cameras of the same location at different times of day and night on different days and different nights. They all came with different file names from the different cameras, and I used AR to prepare an initial list as the quickest way of developing a sequential ordering of the same file name but changing file number. (The cameras were a DSLR, a travel zoom, and a phone cam.)

What I need to do now -- and this is by no means an unusual task -- is re-order the images so that certain images, though taken on different days, appear in a daylight numerical sequence, and images taken on different nights, appear in a night time numerical sequence. As noted: that's not anything unusual in ordering image sequencing.

The absurdly laborious way of doing this is to take image 099 (for example) and change it to image 037, so that it fits the daytime / night time ordering. But there's already an 037 in existence. That means having an 037(2), which isn't necessarily acceptable because I may want the re-positioned image to precede, not follow.

Not only that: I am going to have to manually rename every single image file that follows on. Ridiculous.

Accordingly, I adopt standard practice of avoiding having to renumber absolutely EVERY file and instead rename 037 as 037b, and rename 099 as 037a. If I have a run of re-positioned images, then I'll rename them using the same convention: 037a, 037b, 037c, 037d, 037e. Etc etc. It's the way anyone would do it, the way everyone can if they're looking to save time and effort. Simple.

But it seems it's not simple enough for Advanced Renamer. The software refuses to accept that I have deliberately renamed the images in this way. Instead: it says they are "errors". And because they are "errors" -- that is: it thinks they're multiples of the same image, when they very clearly are not, otherwise the suffix qualifier would be the exact same -- it refuses to rename the list in a new sequential order. It wants to skip the files it has marked in red.

I really cannot see anything remotely "advanced" in this. Does AR seriously expect me to go back and manually change, image by image, the file numbering of every single picture? If it does, why would I need to use AR anyway? I've already undertaken the hard work myself.

I'm just trusting here that AR has some facility whereby the user can tell it that no, these are not "errors", rather that an ordering -- as per the above example -- of images 037a, 037b, 037c, 038d etc exists to be sequentially renamed by AR as 037, 038, 039 and 040. Etc etc.

Please tell me there is this facility, otherwise I can't see me making much use of this software. That would be a shame, because I'd love to donate to the author for the time and effort invested in this product. As it is though, I cannot have software telling me I have committed numerous errors which it not only refuses to handle but which it won't let me, as user-chooser, override. It is, on the face of it, a serious flaw in something so ostensibly advanced as this renamer.

24/09-17 21:26