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#1 : 26/09-17 10:57
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I have a series of file names that are of this structure
e.g. 'Backup of Box 01 08-02-2017 11.44 Subject 1161'

I want to delete the time (11:44 in this case) from all files.

I think regular expression may help, but I'm lost here...

Any help would be appreciated.


26/09-17 10:57
#2 : 26/09-17 12:21
Danny G
Danny G
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Reply to #1:
1. Copy and paste the following into Notepad and save as Remove_Time.aren
(Note: make sure it doesn't end in .txt, it must end in .aren)
2. Double-click on this new file and it will open as a preset in Advanced Renamer.
3. You can save to your presets folder if required for future work. Add your files from there.

Important: Your filename says 11.44 but you also typed 11:44. Colons can't be in filenames in Windows so I have assumed it is a full stop not a colon. If it is a colon, you will need to replace in the below code pattern:"\d[0-9]*\.\d[0-9]* " change to pattern:"\d[0-9]*\:\d[0-9]* "

application=Advanced Renamer 3.78


method0000=methodname:"removepattern"; active:"1"; pattern:"\d[0-9]*\.\d[0-9]* "; casesensitive:"0"; regularexpressions:"1"; applyto:"name";

26/09-17 12:21