I must manually delete all of the old folders after batch replace.

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#1 : 03/10-17 14:45
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I have only used AR to replace a single word for multiple folders at one time. Basically, the batch process creates new folders with the new names and moves the original folders contents to the new folder without deleting the original folders. This is a time waster and causes several other confusing problems. I must open each of the old folders to see with my own eyes that it's files are no longer within it before I delete said folder or I will have trouble sleeping at night. I use win10's search feature to locate all of the folders that need a word replaced within 2TB drives, which can take up to 10 minutes for each search. The drives are encrypted so perhaps the searches take longer because Win10 is unable to index the drives.

I also have regular issues with subfolders not being renamed because the parent folder was ahead in the list and has already been renamed, so technically, the subfolder no longer exists. Any way to make sure the subfolders are renamed first? The messed up part is that in a Win10 search, I am unable to sort the search results alphabetically by directory without the search being performed again, which adds an additional 10 minutes of needless, pathetically wasted time. If it were not for this, I would have little problem renaming the subfolders ahead of the parent folders. Thank you for your time.

03/10-17 14:45