Multiple File Renamer According to the Folder Name with numbers

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#1 : 11/10-17 00:57
Navid Hakimnejad
Navid Hakimnejad
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I like to Rename my Files names with numbers according to the folder which is placed. I like to do this in loop format that can repeat for multiple Folders in orders.
For example I have 2 Folders. Spain(15 files) and Austria (20 files). My Spain folder's file is like 01(01),02(02)... and My Austria folder's file is like 01(01),02(02)....
I would like to change the Spain's folder files as Spain 01, Spain 02 and so on. The same with Austria Folder's Files as Austria 01, Austria 02.
I have like 480 Folders and I don't want to have same name as it count duplicate if I want to drag them all into cloud. (With some cloud back up it skipped if you the same file name)
I would be grateful if you tell me how can I make command into loop without changing the format of my files.

11/10-17 00:57