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#1 : 24/10-17 11:20
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I am trying to figure out how to rename my PDF files to a specific date formulation.

Now, in one row of the content of each PDf file it has a date in such a way: April 8, 2010 Thursday. Now I would like to rename my files based on this date in the following matter: 2010_04_08_08042010.

Does anyone know if that is possible with Advanced Renamer?

Thanks in advance.

24/10-17 11:20
#2 : 27/10-17 15:49
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Reply to #1:
I don't think this is possible out of the box.

There is "<File Content :POS:COUNT:FILENAME>" advanced

But that is another thing.

Do you talk about XML ?

Like <xmp:CreateDate>2017-07-21T18:09:18+02:00</xmp:CreateDate>

XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) is an Adobe technology for embedding metadata into files.

I can imagine a JavaScript script to read the files content and check for a line with "<xmp:CreateDate>"

If you get access to such script, you may want to try le_scripting

- - -

Oh..., and of course there is Google:

rename pdf using metadata um_id=2636

Maybe there is more...


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