doesn't work? Or did i misinterpret what it does?

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#1 : 26/10-17 23:40
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Following Problem: I have 1 main folder with several subfolders inside and files in each subfolder.
Now i want to rename each file to: Name of the main folder, number of the sub-folder and number of the file.

current filename and structure:

../English Lessons/Lesson 1/file1
../English Lessons/Lesson 1/file2
../English Lessons/Lesson 1/file3
../English Lessons/Lesson 2/file1
../English Lessons/Lesson 2/file2
../English Lessons/Lesson 2/file3
../English Lessons/Lesson 2/file4
../English Lessons/Lesson 3/file1
../English Lessons/Lesson 3/file2

How i want it:
../English Lessons/Lesson 1/English Lessons - 01 - file1
../English Lessons/Lesson 1/English Lessons - 01 - file2
../English Lessons/Lesson 1/English Lessons - 01 - file3
../English Lessons/Lesson 2/English Lessons - 02 - file1
../English Lessons/Lesson 2/English Lessons - 02 - file2
../English Lessons/Lesson 2/English Lessons - 02 - file3
../English Lessons/Lesson 2/English Lessons - 02 - file4
../English Lessons/Lesson 3/English Lessons - 03 - file1
../English Lessons/Lesson 3/English Lessons - 03 - file2

Is it possible to do what i want? If so which method do i need to use?

26/10-17 23:40