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#1 : 04/11-17 10:47
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Hey Guys,
my english is very terrible, please excuse this in advance.

I would like to copy via .bat file the input of my CSV file to another path. The CSV file already has the right path "K:\- Movies\Testmovie (2014)\Testmovie (2014).mp4" but somehow I do not get it under Win 10, the program arenc.exe does not want somehow. I have tried the following:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Renamer\arenc.exe" -t files -i C:\Users\ Seger\Desktop\Movie List.csv -m copy -d C:\Users\Seger\Desktop -l C:\Users\Seger\desktop\Log.log

Can you tell me what I have to change in my bat file?

Achso is it perhaps also possible to set the destination individually?

I hope you understand me and can help me.

Thank you, Seger

04/11-17 10:47