Rename pictures based on a taken date

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#1 : 10/10-11 07:00
Ivan Felipe Duque
Ivan Felipe Duque
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There are a way for renaming pictures based on a taken date?, because i can do it with created date

10/10-11 07:00
#2 : 10/10-11 10:05
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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You can use the image date and time tags to rename based on the Exif date in a picture. hp?ident=tags_image

10/10-11 10:05
#3 : 27/10-11 08:03
James Sun
James Sun
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What I do is rename the file using

<Year Modified>.<Month Modified>.<Day Modified> - <Hour Modified>.<Min Modified>.<Sec Modified>.<Ext>

and name colision handle to handle HDR name collisions
with "Append incrementing num with separator pattern"

Hopefully if I can find the <Size> Tag, I would do it with "Append pattern Separator_ Pattern <size>"

The reason I use modify date is because not all digicam writes EXIF data yet (especially the old ones). but you've gotta do it before you do anything to the file

27/10-11 08:03 - edited 27/10-11 08:04