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#1 : 28/11-17 15:03
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I have about 2500 music files (most .wav, some mp1). All begin with two digits 01 thru 37, then the name of the song. I want to move the front two digits and place them at the end of the song name, i.e.,

beginning file name: 02TheWayYouLookTonight.wav
desired file name: TheWayYouLookTonight02.wav

How can I do this?

Currently, all files are in the same folder and in numerical order grouped by the first two digits. I want the files in alphabetical order with the two digits AFTER the name of the song immediately before ".wav".

If I have to do a two-step process (1st step: remove the first two digits; and, 2nd step: place the two digits at the end of song's name) that would be OK with me.

28/11-17 15:03
#2 : 28/11-17 20:41
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Hi, I will give you tomorrow an answer.

Probably we are going to just use: d_move


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28/11-17 20:41
#3 : 16/01-18 11:10
Cynthia Angela
Cynthia Angela
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You will have to do this manually. There is no other option.

16/01-18 11:10
#4 : 16/01-18 18:05
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How to move say first 2 digits from beginning to the end of file name?

FROM: 02TheWayYouLookTonight.wav
TO: TheWayYouLookTonight02.wav

Add the Move Method and configure it like this:
Move from: 1
Move count: 2
Move to: 10000
Move relative: Unchecked
Backwards: Unchecked
Use regular expressions: Unchecked
Apply to: Name

16/01-18 18:05