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#1 : 08/12-17 08:36
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This may be outside the scope of this useful tool.

I often need to create a collection of folders, e.g. R900, R901, ..R950. This is a list of illustrations in a book, each of which has associated images, background data etc. It would be even more useful if I could create a nest of folders for each one, e.g. R900>(images, analysis, copyright, background).

Can Advanced Renamer do this? If not, it would be a useful feature.
Or is there already another program that achieves this?

Thank you

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#2 : 08/12-17 09:50
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you could just utilize a DOS batch like this:

:: --------------------------------------

REM CreateFolders.CMD
REM Batch to create many folder.
REM R900>(images, analysis, copyright, background).

REM Path to wanted directory with trailing backslash:
SET Main=D:\Rive\path to main\
REM Or use the current folder with this batch:
SET Main=

REM Name of the wanted top level folder:
SET TopL=R904

ECHO Double check: "%Main%%TopL%\new folders"

REM make dir's:
MD "%Main%%TopL%\images"
MD "%Main%%TopL%\analysis"
MD "%Main%%TopL%\copyright"
MD "%Main%%TopL%\background"

:: --------------------------------------

Save everything between that '::-----' lines
as 'CreateFolders.CMD' to an empty folder
and next double click that batch file.


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#3 : 16/01-18 11:07
Cynthia Angela
Cynthia Angela
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I was also Searching for this type of file naming. Thank you. and it work for me.

16/01-18 11:07