"Img Height" and "Img Width" return wrong value

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#1 : 21/12-17 06:27
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About 80% of the time <Img Height> and <Img Width> return the correct value for the .jpg image, but about 20% of the time, they return a much higher value for both.

In addition, when the Dimensions column is displayed in Advanced Renamer for the selected folder, the <Img Height> and <Img Width> also displays incorrectly in that column.

In File Explorer in Windows 10, the Height and Width and Dimensions columns all display the correct dimensions for these files.

Also, in the basic image editor program I use, the Height, Width and Dimensions also display correctly.

It seems that these high numbers only appear in Advanced Renamer.

Does anyone know what might be going on and how to fix the problem?


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