Exif data on large amounts of images extremely slow

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#1 : 22/12-17 23:57
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When using the <ExifTool:...> syntax on large amounts of images it's extremely slow to load, or might not load at all.

I have currently 4000 image files added and am trying to use the <ExifTool:DateCreated> tag for the file name and it has been stuck for more than 8 hours. I can see in the Task Manager that exiftool.exe is running and using 8% of CPU. I am guessing it's trying to do one image at a time or something and very slowly.

All the images are on a network drive so I can see the network usage, which is around 0.7Mbps, which is super slow.

Is this a bug with the program, or is there something I can do to fix this?

22/12-17 23:57
#2 : 21/01-18 12:07
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Try running ExifTool from your PC command line to see if hangs in the same manner. If so, you're better off contacting the ExifTool author.

21/01-18 12:07