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#1 : 01/01-18 15:51
Silvia Finke
Silvia Finke
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Hi all!

I just installed Advanced Renamer and it seem to meet my needs - so far, so good. But if I want to create a method, the program does not show all the possibilities you show in "Help". the ones shown are written in very large characters. The section below methoding, "quick access" has also big characters and I cannot see the last row (I just the top of the row to be aware that there is one). I already restarted the laptop, the problem stays - what to do?
Thanks SAF

01/01-18 15:51
#2 : 02/02-18 07:02
Brian Hanlon
Brian Hanlon
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Reply to #1:
Check Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display and make sure that you have NOT got screen text size set to 'Medium' or 'Large', or plug a decent sized Monitor int your Laptop. The dual-screens can help a lot!


If this brilliant little tool has saved you time, or helped get your files in a better order, or just cleaned-up the crazy names from downloaded files, maybe you could donate a Dollar or Ten to Kim?

02/02-18 07:02