Insert Folder Name?

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#1 : 03/01-18 05:38
Robert Bernstein
Robert Bernstein
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Suppose I have a folder called Morocco.

Inside the folder are files named A, B, C, etc

I want to prefix the folder name Morocco to the filenames.

The result would be Morocco-A, Morocco-B, Morocco-C, etc

Is there a way to do this?

03/01-18 05:38
#2 : 04/01-18 09:42
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All you have to do is go to "Add Method" then "New Name" and choose from the drop down menu that says "Default Tags" the combination: <DirName:1>-<Name>

so this means the new folder name will be the folder name in the hierarchy 1 step above then - then the name of the folder

04/01-18 09:42
#3 : 15/01-18 11:57
Cynthia Angela
Cynthia Angela
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Reply to #2:
Yes this is right.

15/01-18 11:57