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#1 : 24/01-18 08:10
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I need urgent help I have a file with a drooping of products name
I want to duplicate 1 photo with the names in the file ist xml file .
How do I do this

24/01-18 08:10
#2 : 01/02-18 10:04
Brian Hanlon
Brian Hanlon
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Not sure what you mean by "drooping of products name", but I think that you want to COPY a single file to produce a set of copies with names in accordance to those in an XML listing.
That's NOT a RENAMING job, rather it is a REPLICATING job. For that, I'd parse the XML file, COPY-ing the 'basefile.jpg' to 'newname.jpg', recursing until the list was exhausted. A 'BAT'chfile would do nicely, using some of the advanced properties of the 'FOR' command. But that is all outside the scope of the AR Forums, so I suggest that you check out one of the BAT Forums on or or

Lots of luck, enjoy your learning.


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01/02-18 10:04