Run second rule only on files that failed the first rule

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#1 : 26/01-18 23:52
Ori Nahir
Ori Nahir
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Was looking to see if this is supported but couldn't find an answer.

I am trying to rename images and videos from my current folder structure and a structure based on dates the images and videos were taken, based on the Exif original date.
Some of the images and videos i have do not have this Exif data, and for those i would like to use the file create date value.
I might do it with a scrip, but wanted to know if there is a way to do it with existing rules, where rule #1 would do the rename based on Exif, and rule #2 will do it by file create date, but only on files that failed to be renamed by the first rule.


26/01-18 23:52
#2 : 01/02-18 08:25
Brian Hanlon
Brian Hanlon
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I'm not going to go crazy and set up test data and do a bunch of tests for this, just suggest the way I'd approach the problem:

1. Set Rule 1 to insert ' ~<Exif Data>~ " - we'll kill those tildes later.
2. Set Rule 2 to Replace ' ~~ " with '<Year Created><Month Created:00><Day Created>'
3. Set Rule 3 to replace '~' with '' (Nothing)
4. Run against a small test set of COPIES NOT ORIGINALS!
5. Adjust Rules as required.

Should help get it done. Always remember to break things down into small steps, then solve any problems as they occur.


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01/02-18 08:25