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#1 : 28/01-18 20:55
J Nichols
J Nichols
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I have many files which have all got a create date of when they were moved to my PC. But they are in the folder structure of year > month eg 2006>10-October and 2006>11-November

Is it possible to change the "create date" of multiple jpgs according to the folder they are in?

Any advice appreciated

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#2 : 01/02-18 08:40
Brian Hanlon
Brian Hanlon
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I think would take two separate runs, the first to change folder names:
2006\2006 10-October
2006\2006 11-November

and then to change the file dates themselves, based on the container folder names.
(It would take some VERY fancy, convoluted and VERY error-prone Coding to reach beyond Parent Folder to the GrandParent Folder!)

For the File Date changes, Refer to: d_timestamp


Filename pattern / Dirname pattern
When checked a pattern edit field will be visible in the bottom. In this field a pattern for how the date and time values can be retrieved from the file or parent directory name. The tags <Year>, <Month>, <Day>, <Hour>, <Min>, and <Sec> have special meaning in this method. They are used to specify how the date and time parts are recognized in the name.

Example: If you have a filename with year, month, and day values in the name and you want to set the file date to this date and the filename is "Summer at the lake 2011-04-01.jpg" the pattern <Year>-<Month>-<Day> will automatically retrieve the date.

Regular tags can also be used in the pattern, but note that the six date and time tags have special meaning here.


Hope that gets you on the right path,

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