Error in list filename AR ver 3.15

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#1 : 30/10-11 19:44
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I have 9976 files need to rename, but when I click "populate list", "save list" or "load list", I can not see last filename in list (file 9976), I can not scroll mouse or press down arrow to see it.

In image attached:
box 1: last file has filename: "westyandgraham.jpg" (9976)
box 2: but in box list, I only can see file "vungtaumemorial.jpg" (9975)

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#2 : 30/10-11 21:14
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I have tried to reproduce the problem without luck. Is it always a problem when you perform that operation or is it only a problem with this particular batch of files? Have you tried adding something like 10 files and performing the same operation?

30/10-11 21:14