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#1 : 30/01-18 03:39
Louis "Skip" Sander
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I have a folder full of folders, each of which has a name that begins with the letters 'eld' (no quotes) and a space. The rest of each folder's name consists of a date and maybe a short comment.

I want to rename each folder by replacing the 'eld ' with 'Eldredge ', but I'm a newbie and can't immediately see how to do that, or if it can even be done.

Who will help a puzzled newbie?

30/01-18 03:39
#2 : 01/02-18 08:52
Brian Hanlon
Brian Hanlon
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Reply to #1: Assuming that you have correctly selected to changed Folder Names, and to select sub-folders or not, and root folders or not;
The Rule would be:
Text to replace: 'eld ' <<== Note the space after the d!
Replace with: 'Eldredge ' <<== Note the space after the e!
Occurrence: First
Check 'Case Sensitive'

Run and test against COPIES NOT ORIGINALS!

That should do it.

Have fun playing with AR, it has a LOT of hidden power once you get into it, and it is DEFINITELY worthwhile to read the Manual, even if you don't understand it all at first, because something will jog your mind when you come against a problem, and you'll hunt through the Manual again, this time with a bit more understanding.

It is also worthwhile to learn RegExp or "Regular Expressions" - they can REALLY add a lot of power to AR.


If this brilliant little tool has saved you time, or helped get your files in a better order, or just cleaned-up the crazy names from downloaded files, maybe you could donate a Dollar or Ten to Kim?

01/02-18 08:52