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#1 : 01/02-18 18:17
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can I configure Aren somehow to not clean the list after renaming.

In many times I need the files to do the next renaming. Often I can not plan all stebs completely. And than I have do 3-4 renaming steps untill I am satisfied with the result.

Aren cleans after each renaming the list. So I have to load the files every time in the app again.

Can I do something? Or have you to create a new feature / option in the preferences?

Thank you!

01/02-18 18:17
#2 : 02/02-18 03:04
Brian Hanlon
Brian Hanlon
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Reply to #1:
1. Turn Auto-Test OFF
2. Set up your initial Rule(s)
3. Press 'Test Batch'
4. Observe proposed results in (scrollable) middle window
5. If satisfied, 'Run Batch" else Add/Change Rules as required and return to 3.

That should do it without reloading your selection. (Also, after a batch has 'Run', there is a text 'Link' on the lower right hand side, which allows you to 'Add all successful items' which would reload your list for you.)

Hope that makes life easier,

If this brilliant little tool has saved you time, or helped get your files in a better order, or just cleaned-up the crazy names from downloaded files, maybe you could donate a Dollar or Ten to Kim?

02/02-18 03:04
#3 : 02/02-18 20:04
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Cool!! Why did I wait so long to ask you?


02/02-18 20:04