Unknown error: Access is denied

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#1 : 03/02-18 21:07
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Everytime I "Start batch" I am getting 101 errors Unknown error: Access is denied

I am trying to bulk rename a tree of folders and the top level folder is located on my desktop

any ideas?

03/02-18 21:07
#2 : 04/02-18 02:38
Brian Hanlon
Brian Hanlon
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Looks like Security errors to me. - Try starting your Command Processor window 'as Administrator', and make sure that the files you are trying to rename are in a Folder which you 'own', and that you 'own' the files.

Windows' Security can be a real pain at times!



The "Desktop" is a VIRTUAL LOCATION! With some very special attributes. NEVER use it as a final resting place for your Folders and Files.- Create a Folder under C:\ - (Say "C:\DT") and MOVE that tree into the new folder before trying to set Security and Permissions.

Windows Security can be a real pain at times, and after a bit of experimenting, I think I have the answer. - Windows has a nasty tendency to create folders and files as owned by 'Administrators' if you are a member of that group. This is a common way to try and defeat the cursed UAC inflicted upon us by MS! Windows also has a very annoying habit of NOT allowing software to make certain changes, even when in elevated privileges, yet allowing the User to perform the same action from Explorer. When you check the ownership of the Folder and Files, all appears to be logical - owned by 'Administrators', I am a member of that group, I can change names via Explorer, yet when I run software to do the same thing, Windows arcs up and says 'Access Denied'. If you check the Security settings on those folders, you'll probably find that they are NOT 'owned' by YOU as USER, but probably by 'Administrators' or 'Authenticated Users' - to enable software to make those changes, the Folders and Files MUST be 'Owned' by whichever 'User' you are logged in as.

To achieve this, we must Rt-Click, go to: File or Folder Properties >> Security >> Advanced >> Owner (Tab up top) - Whacko! HERE is where we can change the actual ownership of those crazy 101 Folders and finally get things to work! (Make sure that you apply changes to Folders, Subfolders, and Contents.)

Personally, I tend to just curse the Windows OS, and Rename and MOVE files to a new folder structure similar to the source. This has two benefits - firstly, it leaves any error files in the original Folders, and secondly, it kinda forces me into a "Now copy them all back" situation which enforces having a backup on another drive. But then, I'm fortunate enough to be in a position to "rescue" some lovely 1Tb drives from old PVR's.

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