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#1 : 08/02-18 20:45
Steve jones
Steve jones
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Only just started using this today , have already illuminated all my duplicate files, but have 11,000 to do.....unfortunately when I tried to rename them, it spent ages whirring, only to tell me there is a 2K limit....don’t know why this should be, could be done in batches of of 2K by the program, would have been better to do a quick file count and tell the user immediately that it exceeds the 2K limit..

Also could the EXIF viewer be replaced with an editor, where filenames collide and wouldn’t have unique names a simple change of the seconds on the EXIF info would make it unique....

Is there a tutorial for this program pdf preferably ?


08/02-18 20:45
#2 : 08/02-18 21:26
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1. No idea about 2k limit

2. EXIF editing is a hot topic. Check out some of the other (recent) EXIF posts. There is a Metadata tab which enables manual editing of EXIF data .....

3. See ete_guide

08/02-18 21:26