[Bug] Incorrect text encoding for Cyrillic characters when import UTF-8 CSV-file

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#1 : 09/02-18 01:05
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I described everything in the subject title.

Screenshot with error: http://i.imgur.com/aArhiHc.png

Files for Test: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/BBxW/11C3QLoRg

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#2 : 09/02-18 03:39
Brian Hanlon
Brian Hanlon
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Verified behaviour. As there is a space in the original filename, I even tried quoting the filenames - no change. I looked at that csv file with a Hex editor, which led me to try Unicode, still no change.

My best suggestion is to use an approach similar to the suggestion for '1 source file, multi files' - see:

https://www.advancedrenamer.com/forum_thread?for um_id=4829

If you can get the Renaming done by using a batch file produced in that manner, then all is good, job done. If that method does NOT work, then you would have to start investigating just what codepage(s) your System is set to use.

Cyrillic and Chinese or Japanese characters have always given Windows great big headaches. - There are just so many different ways of encoding / decoding any character which is outside the old ANSII Punch-card range, and very often, it all happens "under the hood", hidden from the user. Even EXCEL and other spread-sheets can create errors when they import a csv which was exported by the same programme! - That's why I suggest Copy/Paste in my answer to '1 source file, multi files' rather than relying on a spread-sheet exported file.

Hope this helps a little, and gets your job done.


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#3 : 11/02-18 16:57
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Thank you for supplying test files. It can be difficult to test such encoding issues.

The problem is that the file is encoded with UTF-8. The CSV import does not support UTF-8 in current version. In the next version of Advanced Renamer the CSV import will support UTF-8.

11/02-18 16:57