[BUG] Drop-down box missing for "apply to"

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#1 : 17/02-18 10:56
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There is no Drop-down box showing right to "apply to", and only in the "list"&“list replace” method.

I'm using surface pro and using 3.81 version, is this problem due to high dpi screen?

I have another desktop with normal monitor, and this software is ok on that.

I bought the liscence key and only register the software in surface... Will that be the reason causing the bug? (I tried to uninstall the software and reinstall it, but when I open it, the status and register status is still the same as before, lookslike the configuration file is still there and was not deleted together..)

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#2 : 18/02-18 18:18
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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The current version has a problem showing the "apply to" box for the list and the list replace method, when running the display with 200% scaling. The problem may also exist in higher scaling, haven't testet.

Will be fixed soon.

18/02-18 18:18
#3 : 21/02-18 17:22
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Oh, thanks a lot~

21/02-18 17:22